CleanRoom Preparation


 width=The grid/gel track should be clean and dry before pouring gel. Some cleaning chemicals and alcohol may retard or prevent curing of the gel, thus no residues of these materials should be present.


The use of acetone, naptha, or minerals spirits, is not recommended for cleaning purposes.


When the "super clean" precedes the gel pour by 6 hours or less, it is advisable to use wipes with a high percentage of isopropyl alcohol, mainly for the grid.


If there is any question, small section of grid should be tested prior to main installation.


Regardless of the FAB protocol level, there may be periods when high particle counts are observed during gel pours. This particle counts are observed during gel pours. This particulate contamination is not desirable, but as long as the particles are of an inert nature, the gel will not be affected.

  Tip: The caulking of joints in stick built grid should not precede the gel pour by more than 48 hours. Temperature variations can cause sealant failure, resulting in gel leaks.


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