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At present, WM Plastics manufactures two types of urethane gels used in Cleanrooms to seal HEPA UPLA filters. They are combined by different methods, but the end results are the same. This section is dedicated to information that is common to both Easy Pour and Soft Seal Gels. Click on the links to the left for the specific information on Molecular Contaminants, Waste Disposal, Biological Fungal Growth, UV Rays, Compatibility, Temperature Range and Penetration.  
Easy Pour is our next generation "one part" urethane gel. The critical chemical balance needed to have a quiality product is established during the manufacturing process, not at the job-site. Pour in a pre-measured container of Blue Activator, then thoroughly mix to initiate the cure.
Soft Seal is a two-part urethane combined in a 1:1 ratio by weight or volume. This is a fast setting gel that allows filters to be set very quickly after pouring. Actual cure time depends on the ambient temperture of the room. As temerture increase, cure time decrease. It is important to maintain the 1:1 mix ratio as precise as possible, then throughly mix the Part A and Part B together.


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