White Inks

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The Titan Poly White is our best bleed resistant white and has the best coverage than any of our other whites. This is a must have white for all those troublesome garments that are prone to dye migration. While the body of this white is heavier than our other whites, it still prints easily, lays down flat and provides a soft feel. Tested and proven this white is sure to work on the toughest garments.

Titan Poly White: Technical Data Sheet

Sun White is our premium cotton white, formulated for the printers whom require the best cotton white on the market. The combination of opacity and ease of printing makes this white stand above all other cotton whites in today’s industry.

Sun White: Technical Data Sheet

Brite White is our economical, general purpose white that provides good coverage and some bleed resistance on those pesky cotton/polyester blends. Even though this white is categorized as economical, its soft body still allows it to be printed as easily as our premium whites.

Brite White: Technical Data Sheet

Ultimate White is our top selling, high-opaque, low-bleed white. It was formulated to be extremely bright and provide the ultimate ease of printing through mesh counts up to 300, while at the same time providing unmatched bleed resistance and body characteristics that other manufactures have failed to duplicate.

Ultimate White: Technical Data Sheet 
Poly White is our premium, high-opaque, low-bleed white formulated to reduce dye migration on 100% polyester garments. This white provides the highest bleed resistance and outstanding coverage of all of our whites, while maintaining a soft body that makes it extremely easy to print compared to most other whites manufactured to this day.

Poly White: Technical Data Sheet