LC Lemon 3.5 Gal


LC (Low Cure) series by WM Plastics is the most versatile series on the market. Curing at 230° F, this ink can be printed onto 100% cotton, without the worry of ghosting, all the way up to 100% polyester garments, some sublimated garments and other substrates sensitive to heat such as grocery bags. Not only will this series help with the troublesome garments that bleed but will also cut-down on power consumption lowering energy costs and keep shops cooler. Available in RTU colors as well as a Matching System so that you can match your own Pantones.

Ideal Substrates
100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly, Acrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Spandex and stretchable substrates
Ideal Garment Color
White or Colored Garments
Bleed Resistance
70-80 degrees Keep out of direct sunlight
Any direct emulsion or capillary film
Wet on Wet Printing
Squeegee Hardness and Angle
Medium to Hard 45 degree angle
Squeegee Blade
Wash Up
Any Plastisol Cleaner
Low Cure TDS
LC Lemon SDS